Welcome to SEEK

We are a group of experienced investors SEEKing to rid the crypto space of fraud and corruption of any type. This group was born out of personal loss by its development team and out of necessity for our community. Crypto space, namely the BSC market, has been heading down a dark path and we are taking a stand against what has become the norm. Join us in the good fight. Let us evaluate your project and give you an unbiased risk assessment. We are not financial advisors. Our goal is to make crypto a better and safer place for the investor. SEEK Token

Making crypto space better and more safe for all investors.

Your #1 place on the BSC for:



SEEK NFTs - Rewards at1%2%5%10% - What will yours be?


10% Tax on all Buys & Sells

▰ SEEK Safe Drop 40%
▰ Liquidity 20%
▰ Marketing 20%
▰ Operations 20%

Launch Date 7 May 2022

Total Supply 100,000,000

Circulating Supply 100,000,000


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Introducing SEEK SAFE DROP

SEEK Token announces a new utility. The Seek Safe Drop (SSD)

We will have the same 8-12% tax structure. We will have a marketing and ops wallet and a SSD/Utility wallet. A portion of the marketing wallet will be directed to that wallet as well. 40% of all KYC proceeds are added and 10% of our adjusted tax. So that wallet (SSD) will be a large collector of funds.

The 1st and 15th we will take those funds and purchase a trusted partners tokens and airdrop those to the top 300 SEEK holders.

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